My girlfriends love to use our show as a sounding board to figure out the maze of dating. This is the latest dead end they have arrived at and need help with.

Steve Frost

Last week one of the girls went on a first date. She was set up by a co-worker. It was a happy hour date for drinks. The place was busy and so they ordered their drinks from the bar and then found a table.

When they ordered, my friend let the guy buy her wine. She didn't think anything of it until they sat down at their table and he said, "I appreciate it when a woman offers to buy her own drinks and dinner on a first date."

My friend was totally taken aback by this. The guy had called her. He asked her out. She thought since he did that, he would pay. Apparently not.

Dating can be so dang confusing! I hear all the time about guys don't want a woman who has more masculine qualities than feminine. To me, paying for my drink on a first date is a masculine quality. I am not saying I refuse to pay. If I ask him out, I pay. If we have been dating a while, I have no trouble paying for dates. Maybe I am just too old fashioned. First dates, where he asks me out, I would think he would pay. My friend thought the same thing. Then she got scolded before they could even find out if they have anything in common.

Women's Health did some research on the subject recently. I find it comical that after all the issues to debate when it comes to dating, paying the bill is still one of the top of the list.