Ever since the pandemic hit, the work force has been in a tizzy. Hundreds of thousands of people have been laid off or furloughed, you'd think everyone would cling to their jobs if they could. But sometimes things are so bad at work that being jobless feels like the better alternative no matter the consequences. So what reason do Idahoans cite most often for quitting their jobs, and how does that stack up against the rest of the country?

A new survey suggests the top reason most people quit their jobs is because of pay. A statistic I don't find surprising. Seems like unless you're really wealthy, most of us aren't compensated to peak satisfaction. So if there's an opportunity to bounce out in search of a higher paying job, makes sense to take it.

The remaining top 6 reasons:

2.  An "unpleasant" work environment.

3.  A bad or unsupportive boss.

4.  Disliking the work.

5.  To improve work-life balance.

6.  No opportunity to advance.


Idahoans call it quits most often for the number 2 reason, an unpleasant work environment. The one time I did quit my job, that was totally the reason why. I was working at a KFC and it was torture. Customers were mean and aggressive about their chicken. The food made me sick (I wasn't even vegan then, but I've always hated chicken). And with the exception of my best friend, the staff was toxic on an intolerable level. Eventually I threw a pen at my boss and quit.

When have you quit your job and why? Do you fall in with the majority of Idaho on why you dipped out of your job? If you have a funny quitting story, I'd love to hear it!


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