Even couch potatoes like myself are getting bored being home and possibly considering doing something active. I know, it's a wild thought, but read this before you hit the trails.

First, ask yourself... Do you REALLY want to go for a hike? Is separating your butt from the couch something you ACTUALLY want to do? If the answer is yes, keep reading. If the answer is no, grab the remote and sit back down and don't feel any shame about it!

Second, pick a trail, but pick an easy trail. Don't just say, "Oh, I saw everyone on Facebook going to Table Rock, that's the one I'm gonna do!" From my understanding (I'm a fellow couch potato), that's not a beginner trail. There are plenty of beginner trails, check out this list of kid-friendly trails near Boise. I went to the military park just East of town and walked the trails over there this past weekend and it was perfect for my normally inactive self.

Third, bring essentials, more specifically, couch potato essentials. We're not conditioned for this much activity. Hate to say it, but bring some Gold Bond and apply it BEFORE you hit the trails because chaffing suuuucks. Also, lots of water. Us couch potatoes probably need MORE water than our active friends we'll come across on the trails. Bring sunblock, too! I'm a ginger and it doesn't matter if it's the dead of winter. If the sun sees me it'll get me.

Wear clothes that you'll be comfortable in. Depending on the weather, maybe it's a hoodie and sweatpants or shorts, but don't bring jeans, they're just not stretchy enough or comfortable enough for a hike.

Lastly, give yourself a high five for getting out and being active, and don't worry about being judged by other people. Most people are doing their own thing anyway. Enjoy some nature, enjoy the beautiful views and if you decide half an hour in that it's time to turn around and go back, that's okay. That's half an hour less of being on the couch and being more active.

Enjoy this beautiful earth while you're here!


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