At this point, even though Coronavirus hasn't made it's way to the Treasure Valley, it's best not to shake hands... But it's such a big part of our culture, it's hard not to do! And truly, it's awkward to meet someone and not shake their hand, right? Here are some alternatives that people are adopting.

Namaste! If this became the norm, that would actually be pretty cool. And I feel like it's very respectful, no?

There's the elbow smash, where you tap elbows, while there's still physical touch happening, it's not your hands which end up touching your face.

Fist bumps are better than hand shakes, but it's still using your hands.

You can always give an awkward wave even when you're in close proximity to someone, they'll understand.

If they're a close friend that you'd normally hug, you could give them a good ole fashioned butt bump.

I don't know, just a few ideas... As the world becomes more germ sensitive (rightfully so), we should probably think of some ways to socialize without being able to use one of the biggest social norms we have, which is hand shaking.

I actually feel bad for our friends who are huggers. That's not typically me... I'm kind of an awkward hugger and I'm okay with taking a break from that. Who knows what kind of germs you can accumulate when your face is that close to someone else's, you know?

Anyway, stay safe, germ free and let's hope your immune system flourishes this Coronavirus season!

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