We hear a lot about this "new normal". How much of life is going to change permanently? From handshaking to borrowing a pen, visiting buffets, shared work spaces... What's temporary and what's here to stay?

I was pretty shocked to find out that Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes, a national salad buffet chain was closing its doors permanently as their entire business model is something that won't work in a post-coronavirus world.

A guy came over to give me an estimate on pest control over the weekend and we had this awkward moment where we were going to shake hands and then both realized, that's not a thing right now.

People are going back to work and being more spread out than before. If the social distancing persists over long periods of time, companies will either need larger office spaces or will have to downsize and have people work from home. What about catered office parties?

Ever borrow a pen from a pen chewer? Lots of germs can be found on things like pens, or if you borrow someone's phone. Wondering how much of this is here to stay and how much of it is just for this moment in time.

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