It's hard to realize how much you need your hospital teams if you've never been. I never visited a hospital growing up. There wasn't any broken bones, and nothing other than a regular type of visit.

That all changed after meeting my wife and having a few little sweet kids. I found myself relying on the essential teams more than most people do in a lifetime. That said, I have a ton of respect for them. So does Tamarack Resort.

Tamarack is working with the Idaho Hospital Association to show some love to all of our members taking care of us during COVID-19. If you are a worker at one of IHA's 47 hospitals you will receive two complimentary single-day mountain passes that can be redeemed anytime this year.

Tamarack Resort is giving back to Idaho's Health Care Providers that include employees of the hospitals, medical clinics, administrative, clerical, and others.  Brian Whitlock, Idaho Hospital Association President had this to say,

Idahoans have all been witness to the care, dedication and exellence those working at our communtiy hospitals and clinics have shown during these unprecedented times. We are grateful for communith leaders like Tamarack that recognize the crucial work of these professionals and pay forward kindness with opportunities to recharge in Idaho's great outdoors.

Tamarack President Scott Turlington said, "This is our way of giving back and offering them some time away to enjoy one of Idaho's majestic mountain playgrounds."

The gift started on Monday, July 6, 2020. You can redeem your passes by filling out the form by following the link below.


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