I've spoken to so many people that are salivating for something to do. The pandemic continues to plow away at our daily happiness by taking away the very things that help us thrive.

The great news is what's at the end of the tunnel we find ourselves traveling through. The housing market continues to boom with no end in sight and building continues. Tamarack Resort is one of the destinations that want you to know, "we're open for business and Tamarack is expanding."

This is great for anyone who loves Idaho and the outdoors it gifts our families. Tamarack is a beautiful resort and it's exciting to see the additional plans to expand. Let's take a look.

Photo by: Emma Paillex/Unsplash
Photo by: Emma Paillex/Unsplash
  • Expanded Lift Network
    • Six new aerial lifts
    • 10-passenger (base-to-summit gondola
    • Three detachable quads and two fixed-grip triples.
  • Upgraded Terrain Network
    • Covers an additional 3,300 acres
  • Enhanced Guest Services Facilities
    • This will include a year-round facility atop Lone Tree Peak serving as a destination for base-to-summit gondola for both scenic lift rides and dining.
  • Expanded All-Season Operations
    • Includes almost 20 miles of new hiking and mountain biking trails covering approximately 980 acres.
  • New Recreation Offerings
    • Includes a via ferrata area
    • A climbing route that employs steel cables, rungs, and ladders affixed to rock and Mountain Coaster.

Here is Tamarack Resort President Scott Turlington on the big news.

This application represents another step in the process of completing the grand vision of the Tamarack Resort. We've all worked hard to get to this point, and we know a lot of work remains to be done.

I remember moving here back in 2007 and it was exciting to see what this place was going to become. The market crash in 2008 and everything to follow really hindered everyone's plans. It's great to see there is a vision for the future and we'll have another place to enjoy the best of what Idaho has to offer.

Great video from Jon and Chad that really gives you a look at Tamarack Resort.


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