With every city my family and I have had the chance to call "Home" it always seemed like something was missing. The people have been nice, the food has been great even the downtown's were nice. It still wasn't home though. I have always felt that you can find out everything you need to know about your city just by walking around. Boise is full of places that even the most "local" person may not know about. Back alley's and historical sites that are waiting to be discovered. As a former tour guide in Charleston SC this completely peeks my interest. Walking Tours back east and in the south are a very popular event. The city of tress is rich with history. Did you know that the Idaho State Capital is made up of four different types of marble from three different states and one country.

Walking people
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Find out more about the place we call home by joining a walking tour.

WalkAbout Boise Historic Downtown Walking Tour- Take an hour and a half guided tour through the heart of the downtown. Go back 150 years and get to know the city like you may never have know.

City Walk Boise - This self guided tour provided by GPSmycity takes you on stroll through the highlights of downtown. 8 spots in two hours will hit on the most iconic spots of our city.

If you like to explore some of the off the beaten path locations take the Morris Hill Walking Tour. This 100 plus year old cemetery is the final resting place for many of Idaho's former Governors and Presidents of Industry and banking.


Which ever way you choose there are plenty of options to explore our HOME! -JD