Ok, obviously for the active people who like to hike, Table Rock is the spot. But what about the rest of us? Look, I'm 33 but I still like to take my fiance to go see a nice view.

I feel like every city needs to have their cheesy, 80's movie style lookout/makeout spot. Now, obviously we've got views for days at Table Rock and even places like Bogus Basin, but what about in town  spots with great views?

The picture above of Downtown Boise was taken from the Boise Train Depot, and I would suggest that most of the images you see when you search "Boise" in Google are from this spot. Simplot Hill is a great spot to catch a few along with Camel's Back Park and the Military Reserve which I went to right before it got hot out for the summer.

Where's your go-to spot for a great view and smooch sesh in the Treasure Valley?

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