Lyft Launches in Boise
Lyft launched in Boise yesterday.
It’s an app-based ride service, similar to Uber, that will offer rides around the area and to and from the Boise Airport.
Get $5 off your first Lyft ride in the Boise area by using the code “LYFTINBOI...
A New App That Will Let You Borrow A Dog
This has to be the most ridiculous phone app idea that I have ever heard.
If you want a dog, but can’t afford one, don't have the room in your home, or the time to commit permanently, this app may be for you.
A new app called “Bark’N’Borrow&Cl…
Taco Bell Is Starting to Deliver
Oh, this could be dangerous at 10pm when you get a craving for Taco Bell and you don't feel like leaving the house because you're half-dressed and trying to finish the last thirty minutes of a Sandra Bullock movie.  Taco Bell might soon deliver that Chalupa right to your door.

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