Or at least more convenient... All the hoops Starbucks is going through to re-open the stores they had to close, may actually benefit you.

One of my favorite things about Starbucks, and quite honestly, one of the most dangerous things about Starbucks, is how easy it is to get. I usually order on the app ahead of time and quickly run in and grab my order instead of waiting in line or the drive thru.

Well, Starbucks plans to begin reopening most of the stores they closed this week with a few changes. Now, they'll have CURBSIDE pickup! Better than going in and grabbing your drink, better than waiting in the drive thru, you order on the app and someone will have it outside waiting for you so you can quickly move on with your day.

Check out some of the other changes Starbucks is making courtesy of Newser. And enjoy your Frappucino!

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