There are times that we all get aggravated by technology, but this new app in Canyon County could actually make our roads more safe. You might have heard of the "BuDDies 2C" app before as it has a sister company that has been operating in Boise for years now called "Buddies DD".

Both companies were created to get not only drivers but their vehicles home safely instead of putting an inebriated driver behind the wheel. According to KIVI, the service works by having two people come to pick you up from your location. One person will drive you home safely while the other will take your keys and drive your vehicle home safely.

One of the owners said that she finds comfort in making sure people get home safe and sound.

This really is such great idea, this is an app I will be adding to my phone today. With so many resources such as this, there really is no reason to ever drink and drive.

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