Anyone in the Treasure Valley looking for a boyfriend? Maybe you have a friend you can recommend? It could earn you $25,000. Seriously.

When I was single and doing the online dating thing, it did seem pretty hopeless. I went on countless dates; sometimes I liked them and they didn't like me, sometimes I wasn't really into them, there were a few awkward dates where I think we both immediately knew there wouldn't be a second, but I never considered taking this guy's approach.

A 47 year-old guy in Kansas City by the name of Jeff G is offering a $25,000 reward for anyone who finds him a girlfriend, and not only that, Mr. Generosity will donate $25,000 to an animal shelter or an animal charity as well.

Jeff is an entrepreneur, which can sometimes be code for "I have some cool ideas, but not a career" but I'm guessing if he's got the money to fund this operation, he probably does well for himself. Here's the other thing... Yeah, he's 47, but he's never been married. Red flag OR is it cool there won't ever be any ex-wife drama? That's for you to decide, I suppose.

Is it lame to offer a reward for something like this or is this a brilliant way to get attention? I wonder if he's signing himself up to end up with someone with the wrong intentions... Y'know, money and stuff.

Oh, and if you think you might be the one, you can reach out to him too, though the cash offer isn't for the actual girlfriend, it's only for the person referring the girl. So anyway, here ya go... Learn more about Jeff here and don't forget John Moug at Mix 106 if you want to share some of that referral cash ;-)

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