The job of a radio personality has evolved a lot over the years and now part of our job requires us to blog about things going on in our community. It's can be fun but it's also very important to be accurate and to stay in the know about what is going on. In my attempt to stay in the know about things in the Treasure Valley I stumbled upon an app that I think you should know about.

It's call PulsePoint, it gives citizens who download the app a quick way to identify where AED's are located within close proximity just in case someone is having a medical emergency. When you download the app it will also ask if you know CPR, and it will alert you if someone needs CPR close to your location. What a tremendous way to hopefully save lives.

The app also gives you updates on what emergencies are going on around your area. I did notice that Ada is listed as a County that lets you get information, unfortunately, I didn't see Canyon county listed. But it is a great resource to keep friends and family members safe, because you never know when you could unexpectedly face an emergency.

Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins
Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins

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