The official high temperature at our Park Center studios today as 101, but it felt MUCH warmer outside.  I jumped out to my car just to check, and in the shade, it was 107.

Now I do think my car tends to exaggerate a little bit, but it was under a tree and shouldn't have been that much warmer should it?

As I drove home, I realized I was seeing the signs of another Treasure Valley Summer.  Here are a just a few I look for.

1.  There is a wall of heat when you open your car door.  It's usually worth waiting a moment to get in.

2.  There are shaved ice/snow cone stands EVERYWHERE.  I'm not complaining.

3.  The sound of laughter and voices floating the river as you walk/run/bike the greenbelt.

4.  Patios on 8th Street are full and indoor seating is wide-open.

5.  The parking at Table Rock is full throughout the day.

6.  We share the roads with even more in cyclist...not motorcycles.

What would you add to the list of sure signs?

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