Kids Left in Hot Cars as we Reach Triple Digits
I won't stop talking about this as long as it still needs to be talked about.
Specifically, cases where someone may think, "I'm only running into the store for a few minutes, the kids will be fine."
With the extreme we have been having and continue to expect, its a good rem…
Triple Digit Heat Creates Dangerous Conditions
With temperatures hitting triple digits this week, it’s extremely important to be aware when your body is overheating. By the time some people realize it, it’s too late. But, it’s so very dangerous and can lead to heat exhaustion or heat stroke!
Local Homeless Population Needs Hot Weather Supplies
Even though they aren't quite consistent yet, we're seeing hot temperatures in the Treasure Valley, which becomes a big concern for the homeless population.
Interfaith Sanctuary in Boise is sending out a plea for donations of hot weather supplies, including sunscreen, lip balm, reusable wat…

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