One of the reasons people love the Treasure Valley so much is our moderate weather, but it is still a desert. Check out our crazy forecast the next week and a half!

Phoenix? No. Vegas? No. Death Valley? Certainly not, though it is gonna be hot hot hot! This coming Sunday through next Sunday, it appears we'll have an eight-day stretch of 100+ degrees, peaking on Wednesday, the 30th when it is forecasted to be 109 degrees! 109! Who wants to try baking cookies on the sidewalk? There's also a few days in there where not only will it be insanely hot, but it'll also be a bit windy and pretty dry so here's your friendly reminder to keep an eye on things that can catch fire in and around your house!

Looking for things to do in the summer heat? Check out this (mostly) water-filled list I put together earlier this week.

Now, for some perspective... Yes, it's hot. Crazy hot even, but let's check out how hot it's looking for our neighbors to the South. In Las Vegas, the forecast for the foreseeable future is 100+ degree days with a few looking to reach 112! In Phoenix, Same deal but really windy and the night time lows are nearly 90 degrees. And in Death Valley, there are several days where it reaches 120 and one day where it actually reaches 121 degrees, with overnight lows of 95. That's right... In the middle of the night, in death valley, it is still scorching hot even with the sun down!

So, I'll take our Treasure Valley 8-day span of extreme heat with a grain of salt, and a splash in the water. Don't forget the little pads on your pups paws get real hot on the concrete!

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