I haven't had soul food in years! Once I transitioned into veganism, there were no restaurants in Vegas that catered to vegans who still craved collard greens, fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, and candied yams. Save for me creating vegan versions on my own, I resigned myself to accepting soul food was no longer in the cards for my palate. But then I moved to Idaho and Boise based, black owned food stand, Oh Vegan Soul rescued me from a soulless life!

I shouldn't be surprised that I'd find it here. Boise delivers on vegan options. Mai Thai, High Note Cafe, Bombay Grill, and Union Block Eatery are dishing up eats enjoyed by vegans and carnists alike. Seriously, I had to take a break from stuffing myself at Bombay Grill. I was going broke and getting chunky. But there's no way I can resist chowing down on some soul food this weekend.

Oh Vegan Soul is doing a popup celebration at CHOW Public Marketplace this Saturday and Sunday (2/27-2/28) to close out Black History Month. Unfortunately, meals are pre-order only while supplies last. So you have to head to the site and order before you miss out on your favorite dish.

I ordered the BBQ platter. Barbecue rib with a choice of three sides. I went with macaroni and cheese, collards, and potato salad. Can I just tell you how terribly I ruined making a pot of collard greens once? I need to cleanse my palate of the memory. I also tossed in some peach cobbler, 'cause if I'm gonna go for it, I better go all the way.

Again, I hate that there's no brick and mortar location for Oh Vegan Soul. And the menu sells out fairly quickly. I've experienced some glitches in online ordering as well. But overall I recommend you give it a try. It is the first and only vegan soul food in the city of Boise. But it's hopefully not the last.

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