There's a phenomena happening right now with dogs all across the country. As people are starting to return back to work, their pets are having a hard time trying to adjust and are suffering from separation anxiety.

I've been going through something similar with my dog, Mila. I recently adopted her from the pound and as a rescue, she's just unsure on when (and if in her mind) I'm going to return. Nonetheless, the constant barking, howling, and anxious behavior have become a real issue.

After of couple months of some really hard work and intentional training, we're finally at a place where I can leave Mila alone for a few hours at a time without any issues. The best advice I can give other dog owners dealing with this issue is being patient and be consistent.

In the meantime, you may need an immediate solution. I definitely did. If it wasn't for doggy daycare, I'd honestly probably be evicted by now. Doggy daycare provided Mila and I with time. I was able to take her there while I was at work and then when I was home we could really work on our scheduled training of alone time. That way I wasn't just jumping into it and leaving her alone for hours at a time. That would've been way too overwhelming.

Yes, doggy daycare is inevitably a bit pricy especially if you're taking your dog everyday like I was. But it can be really worth it. Here are some doggy daycare centers worth checking out here in the Treasure Valley:

  • House of Hounds
  • Camp Bow Wow
  • Escape the Crate
  • Downtown Hound
  • Doodle Dog Daycare
  • All Paws Stay-n-Play
  • Companions Dog Resort

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