This sped-up video of someone driving the connector into Downtown Boise back in 2011 is the most satisfying thing you'll see all day.

What a trip, literally. It's so cool to watch videos like this and it's not even like this was 30 years ago, this was just ten short years ago, back in 2011, when someone drove the connector into Downtown Boise and man has it changed so much! Plus, it's oddly satisfying just to watch the drive in fast-motion and not have to worry about traffic, just enjoy the scenery!

One noticeable difference comes when they get off the freeway and there's no JUMP! Though there are quite a few familiar sights like that super old house on the right hand side of Myrtle and a lot of the downtown buildings. Broadway at Park BLVD looks a bit different because it was before the Walgreen's shopping center went in, which is a trip to see missing. Once you head down Broadway you can see the old Boise State Marquee and a lot of other familiar spots. It's wild to think how much the Treasure Valley has grown and evolved over the past ten years and it's crazy to wonder what things will look like in ten more!

If you search youtube for Boise freeway there are quite a few videos that have been taken over time and it's like you can time to travel to different points in our cities history, right from your phone! Anyway, I hope this was as enjoyable to you as it was for me!

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