So I got a speed ticket this morning; It happens to the best of us. I also received another citation though and I'm a little confused about it.

Okay yes, the police officer did ask me before he walked away, "do you have any questions?" and I said "no," but it was in the moment, I was a little shook, and I truly did not have any questions at the time. Looking back at the situation though, now I do have some questions.

To start, I've been pulled over a couple of different times and I've NEVER been asked for proof of insurance. It's always just been "license and registration, please" and that's it. After talking to a handful of people though I realize now that yes, apparently you are always supposed to have proof of insurance on you. Fair enough, lesson learned. Long story short though I didn't have my insurance on me but I DID have a temporary insurance card on my phone that my insurance agent had just recently emailed me.

I told the officer that I had it on my phone and he kind of didn't acknowledge the fact. He just took my license and registration and ran my info. He came back and of course gave me the speeding ticket that I was expecting to receive but he also cited me for not having my insurance on me... Now, my question is - does having proof of insurance/registration/license on your phone still count as having it on you?

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