It's almost impossible to escape the ghost of Boise State's winningest past with Kellen Moore as Captain. That dude wasn't a sexy player or flashy QB. Kellen was a humble winner and everyone loved him (strong emphasis on winning).

The winningest quarterback entered the National Football League and we all watched for his big shot. Today, Kellen Moore is the Offensive Coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys and just announced as potential induction into the 2022 College Football Hall of Fame. Whoa.

Kellen Moore seems to come up in every conversation for a return to the blue. As a matter of fact, people sometimes begin a conversation with,

I know what you're going to say and Kellen Moore is NOT COMING BACK to....

You can fill in the blank there with a coach, player, President and Governor. It's become an ongoing joke that almost came true before signing a new deal with the Cowboys. Bronco Nation loves Kellen, but it looks like his BSU days are officially over.

Kellen is rumored to be in line as the next head coach of the Dallas Cowboys and the owner loves him. All that said we watched him travel for the Heisman Trophy race, cheered for him to become the next quarterback, crossed fingers he was coming back to coach the Broncos and now we'll celebrate him as he goes down history.

Moore was 50-3 as a quarterback at Boise State setting the NCAA record for the number of wins by a QB. I'll post one of the most memorable plays in Boise State history and that's where you might want to stop it. Immediately after that play will be followed by the most heartbreaking moment. I do remember that play and Kellen always knew where to drop a pass.

Where were you when this happened?

Good luck Kellen!

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