It's barely February as we begin our cross-country tour from Winter to Spring. I hope you realize the snow hasn't really fallen, but Elsa is finished yet. Winter doesn't end until March 20 and that means we've got plenty of time to enjoy the powder.

Let's open the calendar and start planning out the next few months with fun. Don't let the pandemic crush everything because the outdoors is still singing to us. Have you ever been on a guided snowmobile tour?

My kids have never explored Idaho like that and it's time to give them the experience to remember. I don't want their memories to only be stuck in the house, masks, and being away from friends. let's explore Idaho Backcountry.

Photo by: Kekeluv
Photo by: Kekeluv

You can grab your family and head out on a road trip to Teton Valley. This is a beautiful part of Eastern Idaho with frozen waterfalls, geysers, and breathtaking mountains. Jump on a guided snowmobile tour through Idaho's Teton Valley looking up at the Grand Teton Mountain Range which is south of Yellowstone National Park.

Have you ever taken one of these tours? Traveling to outdoor camping and National Park have spiked during the pandemic. You can't take your kids to all the fun events indoors, let's get out in nature to explore.

That just looks unbelievable and relaxing. We are so attached to our devices and this is just one of the reasons why so many of us love Idaho. Sometimes we just need a reminder to put social media down and enjoy life. There is just nothing like sledding with the family to enjoy those experiences with your kids.

I'm going to post up links and information so you can look further.


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