Where are we at with these vaccines and what's up with the new strain? It's such a mind game wondering what is happening with the coronavirus right here in Boise. You wear a mask and head to Nampa while someone asks you, "who made you wear that?"

New vaccines, more deadly strains, and new changes to vaccinations. I could go on because we do have so many questions. There is a rollout without modification of rollout. I just don't want you to miss your chance. Here's the new group to get vaccinations below.

I heard someone say this with the "Hunger Games" rollout which was kind of morbid to me. The good news is we have the best essential teams in the state right here in the Treasure Valley. The next group which was moved up is 65 and older. This is part of group 2 that began on Jan.12.

If you have a parent or grandparent 65 years and older it's your turn for vaccinations. The state published that we have 250,000 Idahoans that fall in this group. This means you need to visit the local public health district to find out where and when. I'm posting that below.

I'm not exactly sure what the supply will look like and that's an indication to get it asap. It's not like your social security number is on a list and you just show up. Take advantage of your opportunity that starts on Monday, Jan 1.

Keep an eye on these dates listed because things continue to change. It's so difficult to keep up but it feels like they're trying to get as many people in by speeding up vaccinations. You don't want to miss out if it's your turn.

A few things below. Idaho Gov. Little announced a new map of updated vaccination numbers around the state. You can click on this to see how the vaccinations are going and how many are receiving.

You will also see the Idaho Vaccine Distribution Timeline which is simple to read giving you complete group information on vaccination times.

Hope this helps. Be safe.

Courtesy: coronavirus.idaho.gov
Courtesy: coronavirus.idaho.gov

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