It's funny or embarrassing that I just out the iPhone has a special button on the back. I thought was a joke as if you were following the prompts to buy something at the end. It wasn't and my mind was blown.

You can turn on that feature and tap the Apple sign to do things of your choice. Tap it to turn on maps if you want but beware of the GPS feature. You might have issues with that feature or anything using GPS beginning February according to Mountain Home Air Force Base.

You probably use GPS more than you might think. Businesses will use your location determined by your GPS to find out what items are available at your location. Disable GPS from your phone and find out what doesn't work. You might be surprised.

Mountain Home Airforce Airforce Base announced this message making you feel safe and somewhat sobering a the same time.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we undertake a critical training mission to ensure our readiness for national defense. This training ensures that we are prepared for real-world combat and remain lethal and agile.

Where will "training" take place and what is going to cause this massive outage? We won't find the answer to the final question because that's on a need to know basis. Obviously, that information isn't coming our way. Mountain Home residents will definitely be in the hot spot of these issues impacting GPS. Bruneau, Idaho is about 24 miles from Mountain Home and that will be the center spot.

This is just a great reminder if you're headed to Twin Falls, Glenns Ferry, Mountain Home, or in that area you could see issues with GPS. This is your warning from the government so you never really know how far these things go or what else it could impact.

This could also mess with agriculture machinery relying on GPS. You can find more at IdahoNews2.

Dates impacting your GPS are Feb. 1-24 all day beginning at 8 a.m. and ending at 5 p.m.


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