The Superbowl Pandemic is happening and this year could be one of the most talked-about in history. That's no hype, it's going to be a master marketing masterpiece.

It's the rookie against the veteran and we'll soon see if Tom Brady's Buccaneers and dismantle the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs with Patrick Mahomes behind center. That's your setup. Plus, we've got one Boise State Bronco on the field.

Let's start by saying how exciting it is to have former Bronco and Superbowl Champion, Jeron Johnson as the new assistant coach this year for BSU. It's even better to witness another potential Bronco in the Superbowl this year with an asterisk.

John Molchon plays for Tampa Bay on the practice squad so he's in the mix. Billy Winn played for the Green Bay Packers and was injured reserved last week. The Packers are out anyway but wanted to give him a shout.

Does a Practice Squad or Injured Reserve Receive Superbowl Ring?

Good question. This decision ultimately falls on the team management. It isn't common that practice squad receive considering the price. Considering that we saw the Chiefs receive rings last year and one of those practice squad teammates is selling his ring no, it's possible. Mike Weber's ring is up to $60,000 with a chance to reach $100,000 leading up to the big game.

Let's say John becomes active and gets hurt (God Forbid and no bad vibes). This is just for the sake of argument. I'm pretty sure the former Bronco is getting a sweet ring for just being a part of the magical year the Bucs have had.

Bronco Nation is excited when any former players get a chance.

Here's a look at last year's ring.


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