If your circle of friends or office conversation is anything like mine, no doubt, you've been discussing the coming eclipse.  If you're planning to travel for it, there are some things to plan for.

I was watching KBOI 2 and thought their common sense coverage made perfect sense, and led me to consider further, some things we might not be giving enough thought too.

The August 21st date will bring tons of visitors to Idaho, not to mention motivate many of us (including BSU) to change our schedules to travel for the best chance to view the big eclipse.

The Idaho Emergency Management Office is passing along some tips to consider as you plan and go on any eclipse trips.  The biggest?  Pack water.  Pack patience.  The likelihood is that you'll stuck in traffic for hours, all to get that perfect view of the couple minutes.

In fact, officials say they are expecting up to several hundred thousand guests to Idaho, and our roads will be packed.  The official recommendation is to have enough water in the car for a gallon per day per person.  They also advise that due to our dry conditions, caution for where you stop and the potential to start fires must be considered as well.

See more on this from KBOI 2, and if you're planning to travel, best of luck fighting the crowds.  I'll be cheering for you from here.

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