I text with people so much that when someone calls, even immediately family members, I worry that someone died. We need to normalize calling people again.

My sister called me. MY SISTER. And I got a pit in my stomach like "oh crap, I'd better get this cause it could be bad news." Now, to make things worse, there is another family member who did call me seemingly out of nowhere a few years ago and dropped the bomb that a relative died so perhaps I'm mildly traumatized, but in general, I think we've stopped calling people and that should change.

I think back to like middle and high school when, if I liked a girl, I'd literally pick up
the phone and call her and now that sounds TERRIFYING. Luckily, I'm engaged. I do like that people still seem to like to call the radio station and play our games and comment on the stuff we're talking about.
So, call someone you love this weekend. And here's the real challenge: call someone just to talk to them, not cause you're bored and driving.

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