Reading a story like this will give you faith in humanity, and especially the teenagers growing up in the Treasure Valley. Last KIVI ran a story about a 14-year old in Nampa that helped save the life of an 84-year old man after he lost his balance and fell into an irrigation canal. The story is simply remarkable.

The man was first seen falling into the canal by younger boys who ran to get help, that's when the teenager James Rine jumped into action. He took off his shoes and dove into the canal to help the elderly man. James is in the 8th grade at West Middle School and said when he saw the man he was already shivering like he'd never seen before.

James' dad Michael was trying to extend a long pole to his son so they had something to hold onto. James later said he was in waist deep water very cold water for 15 minutes before emergency personnel arrived, then another 15 minutes after they got to the scene. The good news is that everyone made it out alive.

It was later learned that the 84-year old was down by the canal to feed the ducks some old popcorn as instructed by his wife. It was just a case of losing his footing and things going bad from there, luckily for him James and his dad Michael were there to save the day.

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