Picture this: You're at Mai Thai chowing down on fried chickpeas and ramen as part of their happy hour. Drinks are two for one so you're double fisting a Mary Ann (mmm, huckleberry vodka) and a House Mai Thai. The clock is winding down, so you order another set of drinks. And then you get a text in your co-workers group thread that they're all heading to hang out at Fork and grab some drinks. You're dying to meet up, but your cocktails arrived and you're already sipping. You ask for the check and to-go cup so you can drink them as you walk your happy butt over to meet your friends. But there are no to-go cups! You can't drink while walking around Downtown Boise.

Your only options are to chug the cocktails or leave them and lament spending extra cash for no reason. Either option is trash and every time I see one of the "No alcohol beyond this point" signs I feel enraged. I'm from Vegas, where you can walk The Strip and Downtown with open containers. I clearly have not adjusted to this rule in Boise and the scenario above is from personal experience. But what really is the harm in allowing open containers?

How much more drunk can someone get from one bar to the next if they have their final cocktail in hand on the way? In fact, it's easier to pace yourself if you're not rushing to finish your drink before leaving an establishment. Not to mention, bars and restaurants can get one last influx of cash from a customer if they can order a final cocktail to go! It's a win-win for everyone and I'm just saying this should be allowed by summer for the sake of bar hopping on my birthday. And I don't think I'm alone in this desire.


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