It's exciting to see the restaurants that fought through the pandemic and continue to thrive. Sadly, we've seen the closings where businesses just couldn't get themselves above water. I feel like we should definitely celebrate when we can.

The Fork in Downtown Boise is having a celebration of their own as they climb the 10-year mark. They battled the shutdowns, the mask mandates, and pummeled economy. Congratulations!

The Fork is also thanking customers with some special contests through the weekend and a sweet video message.

Today, Fork is celebrating our 10th birthday! Can you believe it?! We are blown away by how quickly time flies as well as the unbelievable support from our local that end, we say emphatically, Thank You!

That comes from Fork's Facebook where they began the announcement. There have been several fun contests that you can play along with to win some tasty bites. Follow them on Instagram to comment for $100 gift cards. They are also running a contest for people to post throwback photos from the Fork to winner other prizes.

There is something to be said about great food and atmosphere. There is something that takes you up a notch when you have great ownership and staff. The Fork has been here for 10 years just because the food is good. This restaurant gives back and celebrates other local businesses.

They care about our Veterans which is dear to my heart and never goes unnoticed.

If you're ever driven by and wondered what that Fork place was, now you know. Cheers to 10 more years.

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