I always thought having a daughter would be the sweetest. I mean this little girl would be the one I get to walk down an aisle if she gets married one day. That whole moment must just be so emotional and can't even imagine.

You also have the sweet little "daddy!" This weekend she did give me the sweet "daddy" moment and this, "NO!" that took me back. She said it three times in a row and then dropped the momma card.

It's completely understandable that you might think I'm overreacting. I totally get that with the exception I recorded the whole thing in the backyard at home. My daughter had jumped in this little water play set that was still wet and she could have fallen so that didn't help.

That's when my daughter got mad and wanted a popsicle. Leo's little pants were wet, she was mad at me and that's when this happened. I know, I know, the popsicle would have made things so much easier 😂

Over 1000 views in less than 24 hours with one simple response, "dad, get ready!" Thanks everyone 😂 I'm working different hours right now so I was usually spending most time after the morning show. I'm doing afternoons now and getting to start the days with her. I feel like she's showing me who is in charge and it's not DADDY.

You can see her little butt is wet from sitting in that thing and I made her get out. Was she trying to make a little kid trade with the popsicle? Well, whatever it was I failed!

Since I didn't bend she went right for mom. Fyi: they both do that so if you have any tips drop me a DM. The lastKekeluv Instagram question is, "how is it possible to not smile when they act this cute?" I love that little high pitched yell, "No!"

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