Well, why not. We've been stuck around our houses for months, some stages going backward and a lot of Idahoans worried about the coronavirus.

There have been a ton of creative ways to pass the time and celebrities have killed it with special shows online, Instagram specials, and even saw Mathew McConaughey host bingo night on Zoom.

Looks like Eagle Parks & Recreation want to join in some Summer fun in their own way. The Eagle Mayor & City Council members have created something called #FUNDAYSFILL. Everyone loves a good water balloon battle and that's the one thing we'll miss from all the canceled parades this Summer. Eagle doesn't want to lose that fun so they've created a challenge with a big prize.

Find the biggest thing you can find, fill it up with water balloons, get as much water and let it go. I'm afraid to post this because my wife with get our kids and go on the attack! It's all fun though ⛱☀️ They also want you to tag a group of fans and challenge them in the fun. The winner will be chosen and announced on Monday, July 13th.

Create the funniest video and take home the Championship Fun Days Fill Up Belt. Have some fun, enjoy Summer as it begins and make someone smile.

Good luck!

  • Use #fundayfillupchallenge #fundaysfillup on social media
  • You can also post up on their Facebook event

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