We have a pretty big week ahead with warmer weather, Boise River opening, and the 4th of July weekend. It's not going to be the same holiday with so many fireworks closures but it's happening.

It's hard to get too excited with all the negative COVID-19 spikes in cases as things continue to open. We just recently closed bars back down and now there is paranoia regarding what's going to happen next.

Cirque Du Soleil is the latest to fall due to the impacts of coronavirus on their shows and tours. This has been a Las Vegas must-see for years and even more exciting when it comes to Boise. That's one of those shows hard to get tickets because it sells so fast. You might have to wait and who knows what the end is going to be. Cirque Du Soleil just filed and is looking to restructure.

Don't let this freak you out too much. I feel like we went through this during 2008 when everything was falling into pieces. I'm no financial adviser but these things happen and they always seem to come out in a better place. Regardless, it is another major attraction that will be no more at least until it reopens.

I'll post the link to CNN's Business Report below that broke this news.


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