Not baseball too. This coronavirus continues to test Treasure Valley events. I just wrote that Cirque du Soleil canceled all Las Vegas shows and national tours. That's not really shocking considering all other concerts being shutdown.

Baseball though? There's a big discussion about sports moving forward this Summer and it looks like Minor League Baseball is going to take a hit. The Boise Hawks just announced no Summer season.

Boise Hawks General Manager, Mike Van Hise made this announcement,

We had remained optimistic since March that our season would not be affected. We prepared for the worst and hoped for the best. We understand yet saddened by the news from Minor League Baseball this afternoon.

This will be the first time since 1986 the Treasure Valley went without local baseball and this one might sting a bit. I feel like we're all waiting for sports to bring us back together but it's time to get comfortable that nothing is going to be the same this year.

The NBA plans to begin shortly, college football and the NFL all looking to start seasons. I'm seeing more superstars backing out of potential seasons based on COVID-19 cases. We'll have to wait for Boise Hawk Baseball in 2021.


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