I'm going to stop complaining about the heat and get out and float the river this weekend. It's too hot to sit around inside, and my ginger skin won't do well in the sun.

According to our friends at KTVB, we're looking at 100+ degree weather through the weekend and then it'll hang in the 90's for most of next weekend. So, instead of hiding inside in the A/C like I normally do, I'm going to get out and float the river this weekend.

I'm not a person who will fare well on a hike when it's a hundred degrees. I blame it on my pale ginger, easily burning skin but it's also cause I'm a little chubby and hiking sounds like torture in the dead of the summer. So water it is!

The great thing about Idaho's summer weather is yeah, it gets hot during the day, but I have never experienced such beautiful, cool summer nights like we have here, it really is amazing to sit in the backyard after the sunsets with a beer and relax.

Either way, enjoy the hot weather while it's here, and maybe I'll see you on the river!

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