Denise Zak and my dog Gunner are BFFs! She is able to communicate with all pets and Gunner took a liking to her the very first time they met because Denise has a gift!


Denise Zak is amazing! The very first time I had a reading with her about Gunner, I knew she was specia! Gunner hadn't eaten in a couple days and for a 100 lb lab that is rare. She told me that he had some white stuff in his throat. Of course I panicked but she told me it would come up in the next day or two. The very next day, Gunner hacked up all the white stuffing from a toy I bought him! He was back to eating and back to his normal self! I have a been a Denise Believer ever since!  She is on our show, Mike & Kate in the Morning, the second Tuesday of every month at 8:40. You can call into the show at 376-5106 and have Denise communicate with your pet. She can find out what your pet is thinking, why they're misbehaving, health issues, behavioral issues and more! Denise has worked with all types of pets from dogs and cats to pigs and horses. If you want a personal reading with Denise you can set up one through her website. She does charge a fee but you get more time with Denise and can ask as many questions as you need.

Sometimes Denise recommends that you get your pet acupuncture. If that is the case, I would refer you to Aulternatives in Nampa. Lots of Mix 106 listeners have used them! They provide holistic care for all animals.