The voting has closed and now it's time to find out who grew a mustache that looks just like Larry Gebert of KTVB News Channel 7.

Larry Gebert Stache Contest

A huge thanks to everyone who entered the Larry Gebert Mustache Growing Contest! And if you voted, muchas gracias!

And the winner is:

Larry Gebert Stache Winner
Bryden The Stache Winner

Congrats to Bryden! His stache got the most votes and for that he picked up a $50 Lion's Den gift card and a $50 Tilted Kilt gift card.

Movember is all about for raising awareness for prostate and testicular cancer and men's mental health issues. Kudos to all of you who grew a great piece of facial hair and better luck next year to those who could only sprout a few hairs. The amount doesn't matter, the cause does!

Larry Gebert beat Prostate Cancer earlier this year. Early detection is key. Watch this video to learn more about Larry's story and how to stay healthy.