What would you do with almost a billion dollars? I've always heard a lot people say "If I hit the lottery I would quit my job on the spot!" However according to a survey by CareerBuilder, only 2% of people say the would actually do that. 51% of people say they would keep working even if they won a large lottery jackpot and didn't need to work again.

A survey by Careerbuilder revealed, the most common reasons (77%) people say they would keep working even after winning the lottery is because they'd be bored if they didn't work! According to 76% of people, work provides a sense of purpose and accomplishment. That's fair... but one billion dollars?! Personally, you can catch me retired at age 23 and living my best life on a private island.

In other exciting Idaho Lottery news, a new twice daily Draw Game is being introduced this Sunday, January 10. The top prize is $5,000 for a $1 ticket. This is the first new, daily numbers game offered by the Idaho Lottery since June 5, 2000, according to a news release.

As you may know, the funds raised through different Idaho Lottery games benefit public education and infrastructure. More than $906 million has been disturbed to Idaho public schools and buildings since the Lottery originated in 1989.

Idaho residents must be 18 years old or older to purchase lottery tickets and redeem prizes.

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