After an amazing Velvet Rope Series with James Durbin last night at Varsity Pub, he graciously got up early and performed for Mike & me this morning!

My favorite line in this song, "She makes cruel looks sexy."

My James Durbin crush really blossomed when he performed at the 2012 Boise Music Festival. He was hanging out at the Mix 106 tent signing autographs before his set. We were giving away a scooter and it was my job to make sure nothing happened to the scooter. James saw this bright red scooter, jumped on it and started driving around Expo Idaho. I was so freaked out that he was going to crash considering that he didn't have the appearance of "Professional Scooter Driver." Thankfully, nothing happened to the scooter and my crush grew even more. James' new album Celebrate comes out on Tuesday and is available EVERYWHERE!