Apparently here in Idaho, Thanksgiving means turkey, yams, potatoes and divorce. At least that's what people search for on Google each year on Turkey Day.

I like Zippia. They always find all these interesting stats and organize them by state. In this case, Zippia found each state's most embarrassing (but common) Google searches on Thanksgiving, and there are some bizarre ones, some noteworthy mentions:

  • In California, they're searching "racist grandma", which seems like an uncomfortable thing to contend with on Thanksgiving.
  • In New Mexico, they want to know if Little Caesar's is open on Thanksgiving.
  • In Tennessee, they're googling whether or not you can cook a turkey in the microwave and I've just decided I have no desire to spend Thanksgiving in Tennessee.
  • In Florida, they google "pictures of happy thanksgiving" to see what that may look like, which, in and of itself just sounds sad.

But here in Idaho, on Thanksgiving, our "embarrassing" Google search is "Divorce." Just straight up divorce. Now we're not alone, Alaskan's have gone a step further in their search, specifically for a "divorce lawyer". But what is it? Does the stress of the Holidays get to people that intensely that they want to end their marriage? If that's the case, what are we searching by Christmas? How is Valentine's Day not the day that everyone's clothes are thrown out on the front lawn because by that point the resentment has turned into full on hatred? Or does Thanksgiving come and go and people decide to cuddle up and fall back in love? We'll have to wait and see, Idaho!

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