Dealing with Quarantine When You’re Divorced
One aspect that a lot of people may not have thought about is how the stay-at-home order is affecting families of divorce. It's certainly affected my "modern-family" and it made me think how many other families are struggling passing kids back and forth.
Respect for My Ex
My ex-husband is one of my best friends. I have a ton of respect for him and how he has handled my imperfections. Along the rough road of divorce I've learned a lot of lessons and this is some of what I have learned.
Handling Holidays After Divorce
One of the toughest aspects of my post-divorce life has been holidays. Everything looks and feels different now and it is in these moments that I find myself longing for my family unit, but I've learned great lessons along the way.
Mike and Nicole’s OPP: It’s O-V-E-R
Dear Mike and Nicole,
I've listened to you guys for years and I love you...I never thought I'd ever be writing to get help on OPP, but here I am writing you to get your input.
My husband and I are headed for divorce and I seriously don't know what I'm supposed to be doing to prepar…
Mike & Nicole’s OPP: My Ex Is Ruining My Reputation
I'm at my wit's end with my Ex-husband. We were officially divorced in June and we were separated almost 8 months. I can truly say that we hate each other. We've had a toxic marriage the last 2 years. The last straw was when he cheated on me for the 2nd time and that's why we div…
Still Fighting After Divorce
For some couples the fighting stops when the divorce is final. Cause let's be honest the fighting can be the cause many times for the love birds parting ways. We want to hear from you this morning. After you were divorced, what is the most ridiculous thing you and your ex fought about...

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