I can't believe it took me almost all month to realize it's National Sandwich month! I have been celebrating though for almost the last 26 days straight.

National Sandwich Month
Steve Frost

I must admit, I don't get too wild and crazy with my sandwiches. There are no peanut butter and banana sandwiches on my list. I don't put chips in the middle. I am very picky. If there is one drop of mayonnaise, it's no good. Too much lettuce ruins it. Bread so thick and hard I can't take a bite, no thanks! When I do find a sandwich I love, I'm loyal to a fault. If I see a Monte Cristo on a menu, I order it no matter how many times I've had one. I just have to.

My Favorite Sandwiches
Monte Cristo
Grilled Ham n Cheese
Tuna Fish Salad
Spinach Pesto Grilled Cheese
Caprese Sandwich
Any sandwich on a croissant with no mayo

Strange Sandwiches
Grilled Mac and Cheese with pulled BBQ Pork
Honey and Cheese
Pineapple and Mayonnaise
Marshmallow Fluff and bacon

I found this list of weird sandwiches but to me a sandwich is not a burger. They're too different categories in my opinion. What do you think? What's missing from the list? What is your favorite sandwich of all times?

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