Before seeing the Matinee of Rent at the Morrison Center on Saturday, Savannah and I stopped to grab lunch at a restaurant we had never tried before. It's called BBQ4LIFE and it's located on Vista Avenue. The menu looked great online and the pictures of the food looked even better.

Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins
Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins

Upon arrival to the restaurant the smell of the food was outstanding. With it being our first time I didn't realize there was a door for the regular restaurant and one for the bar. So, without even knowing we ate our lunch in the bar. The service at the bar was fantastic and having a cold beer from Mother Earth Brewing Company made the meal even better.

I decided on the Bigfoot sandwich which combines pulled pork and macaroni and cheese between thick slices of Hawaiian bread. It was big and every bite was amazing. It didn't fall apart as I was trying to eat it (which I was worried about). I shouldn't have finished the whole thing but I did because it was so good.

The whole lunch was tremendous and we will definitely be back for more delicious food. I'm just happy it's close to the salon Savannah goes to so I know we will be going back often.

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