I moved to the Treasure Valley just over three years ago, and quickly discovered why so many people loved floating the river.  It's beautiful, relaxing, and one of the best parts of Boise.

We definitely had to wait a long time for access this year, and now with it safe to float, I realized I hadn't been out yet this season.  My parents were in town for a visit and we had talked about getting them out before, so this weekend, we decided to make that happen.

Jeff Connell, Townsquare Media
Credit: Jeff Connell, Townsquare Media

I love that my mom and dad are game to give most things a try.  It helps that their nine year-old grandson is pumped up to do it, but my parents are around 70 and still rise to the occasion.

We have two rafts in our household.  One that I bought my son for his birthday (that two quite comfortably, and arguably three), and a single that I use when I'm solo and just want to get away and float.

With our party of four, we would require both, so we got things packed up, parked at Ann Morrison Park, and took the shuttle up to start our float.  My parents seemed to really enjoy it, my kiddo really enjoyed it, and even me in the dingy found it really fun.  It's a little awkward to be in two boats, but we made it work.

Experiencing it through my parents enthusiasm was a great reminder of how much I love and how fortunate we are to have this great resource here in Boise.

Float season will be short this year, so if you haven't yet, let me recommend you get out on the river as soon as you can!


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