It Didn't Used to Be a Waterfront Community

What you're about to see is not a waterfront community in Eagle. Until recently, the Riverstone community had been nestled alongside the banks of the Boise River. But due to rising temps and over 30 inches of snow this winter, the neighborhood 20 minutes northwest of Boise is officially ON the river.

Unexpected Consequences of the Flooding

As the 30+ inches of snow continues to melt and find its way to the Boise River, more flooding is to be expected.

What many residents hadn't expected, however, was the impact the flooding would have on the groundwater levels. The Boise River has crept so far in to the community that groundwater levels are causing the neighborhood's lakes to rise. These are unlined, man-made lakes that are directly impacted by the dramatic and sudden increase of the groundwater.

Unprepared & Scared

A recent article by a local resident/one of our teammates posed this question: are we prepared for the nightmare of a Boise River flood? Someone call Noah to build us an ark. Two weeks later we now know the answer is a big scary "no." At least in the Riverstone community.

Photo Gallery

The gallery below features photos from a concerned neighborhood resident. Walking paths are vanishing. The community's interior lakes are rising. And the banks of the Boise River are inching closer and closer to neighborhood homes.

Scroll on for a look at how aggressive the flooding is within the Riverstone community.

Is your neighborhood experiencing issues from the Boise River flood? Let us know how you're doing & send your pics to

It's Scary How Fast The Boise River Is Flooding An Eagle Neighborhood

What you're about to see is not a waterfront community in Eagle. It's nestled alongside the Boise River, but technically it isn't ON the river. Or, at least it didn't used to be.

Startling photos from a neighborhood resident show how fast and aggressive the flooding is.

Gallery Credit: Ryan Valenzuela

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