Short Float Season Just Fine
We have talked a lot about the end of the shortest official Boise River Float Season in history, but Ada County has announced they are very pleased with the results.
Float Season Comes to an End
We were warned ahead of time, but it still seems like this year's Boise River floating season came and went too quickly. Today was the final day of the official 2017 season.
Got Back On The Boise
I moved to the Treasure Valley just over three years ago, and quickly discovered why so many people loved floating the river. It's beautiful, relaxing, and one of the best parts of Boise.
Will Float Season Be Cancelled?
We've been sharing the warnings about the unusually high, fast, and cold water flow on the Boise River this year.  Now a new question is arising.  Will float season be cancelled?
Ready To Float The Boise River?
With temperatures climbing to the 70's Friday and this weekend, I started to daydream about floating the Boise River today.  I know we're still a couple months away, but I went to take a look.
Float The Boise River!
The Boise River is open for the float season today! Get the sunscreen and the tube and get ready to have a blast right through the middle of the city!