As you may have heard my two wives and I (my work wife Kate and my home wife Tracy) are heading to Vegas on vacation next week.  They however are headed to Riggins this weekend to go on their annual fishing trip for "Women with Bait"  I have a group of friends who are going to Vegas this weekend and invited me to go with them early.  We've been discussing and planning our upcoming trip via e-mail...and that's where the problems began.


ean Gallup/Getty Images

Now our emails are usually somewhat inappropriate and these were no different.  Suffice it to say, prostitutes, strippers and cross dressers may have been mentioned.  The problem is that when my friend began the e-mail he accidentally included some of women, who are his work clients, and extremely conservative.  Now while we were only joking about the stuff we were talking about in the e-mail, if you didn't know that, it sounded really bad.  So my friend got an email from this client stating that the stuff he was talking about in his e-mail was very inappropriate and not very professional and that he needed to take her off his e-mail list.  She even copied the letter to his 73 year old mother.

Have you ever done something like this and accidentally e-mailed an inappropriate e-mail or pics etc. to someone you didn't intend?  Please share below.