A company called Kill the Cable Bill, that specializes in cost-effective cable TV alternatives, partnered with Mindnet Analytics to discover each state’s favorite horror movie by studying some horror movie google trends by each U.S. state.

The companies compiled the top 200 horror films on Rotten Tomatoes and then cross-referenced that data with Google Trends search frequencies. Idaho’s favorite according to this study is an interesting reveal.

Frankenstein reigns here in Idaho! It's a 1930s classic film. To be honest, some of the older black and white horror movies can sometimes be just as creepy as the newer flicks. But I think pop culture is due for an updated Frankenstein interpretation. Idahoans would certainly be down for the idea!

Horror movies seem to be enjoyed the most here in the Northwest. Our neighbor Oregon proves to be the most interested in horror movies. Alaska, Washington D.C., Utah, and Wyoming follow it's lead.

The horror movie with the most obsession among states is The Devil’s Backbone appearing as the most favored in D.C., Michigan, New Jersey, and Texas. Bakjwi is mentioned twice on the list along with Freaks. Which is all very interesting data considering I've never even heard of these movies but I guess it gives me something to watch on Halloween this Saturday!

Other data from another Google search study, showed the overall most popular Halloween horror movie in the world which is Alien. It takes the top spot in England, New Zealand, Spain, FranceGermany, Norway and Wales and has the biggest search tally in total. The Shining is the top choice in America. It's fitting that this is also Colorado's favorite horror movie considering that's where it was filmed.

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