If you like getting the wits scared out of you, there are moving screenings coming up to feed your need.

The Idaho Horror Film Festival is coming to Boise, and there's one movie listed that you've probably watched with the kids at least five times and never thought of it as a "horror movie."

They're showing The Blair Witch Project, The Hills Have Eyes and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone at the horror film festival.  They'll also screen The Rocky Horror Picture Show on opening night, October 13th, and have plenty of other scary movies to pick from.

Harry Potter?  That one will show on Sunday, October 15th at the Egyptian Theater, and they'll make it fun-scary for the kids with costume contests and face painting and more.  It might be a nice break from the fright fest with your boyfriend the night before.

The organizers screen the films in five categories -- Feature Length, Animated, Shorts, Foreign and the “locals only” category of Spud and Guts, and Idaho Horror Film Festival.org says the whole event is designed to promote local filmmakers and give them a chance to showcase their skills.  And a lot of local volunteers will come together to make it happen.

The film fest has had submissions from all over the world, and they've lined up speakers and other events to be part of it all.  The Third Annual Idaho Horror Film Festival is scheduled for October 13, 14, and 15 in Boise and it's an international non-profit event.

You can even help out with the festival,  and they'll have a meeting coming up about how to get involved.  If you want to volunteer, just show up at the volunteer orientation Tuesday at the Owyhee Lobby in Downtown Boise from 6 to 8pm.  And get ready for an extra awesome Halloween season.

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